Non-Linear Analyses of Axially and Laterally Loaded Bored Piles

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The proposed method of pile analyses is based on a beam-on-Winkler’s foundation model. However, the non-linear subgrade reaction-deflection relationship is not based on predicted p-y or t-z curves. Subgrade reactions are calculated as the result of the synthesis of three models, i.e. the continuous beam on elastic supports as the basic model of the system, the elastic half-space for stress calculations, the Mohr-Coulomb failure law and the soil bilinear elastic-perfectly plastic stress-strain relationship. The breaking point of the bilinear elastic relationship is calculated by using the Mohr-Coulomb failure law with reduced (at rest) strength parameters, which are derived from Jaky’s coefficient of earth pressure at rest. The cyclic loading and the pile group effect can be solved by this incremental iterative method.


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