Changes of Blood Flow Following Extra-Intracranial Bypass Procedure

  • Gerhard Kletter


Intra-arterial intraoperative blood pressure measurements by Yonekawa (1976) established that considerable flow and blood pressure is present in the superficial temporal artery equal almost to the systemic blood pressure. The pressure in the middle cerebral artery always proved to be 20 to 40 mm lower than in the superficial temporal artery. Sufficient flow to the cerebral area supplied by the middle cerebral artery was ensured by the higher pressure prevailing in the superficial temporal artery. The change of blood flow and pressure and sometimes the reversal of blood flow in vessels of the middle cerebral artery after an extra-intracranial anastomosis can certainly have repercussions on vascular areas some distance away, such as the anterior communicating artery and collateral circulations.


Internal Carotid Artery Middle Cerebral Artery Carotid Stenosis Ophthalmic Artery Superficial Temporal Artery 
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