Hall Findlay: Bad Case

  • Florian Fitzal


A 60-year-old postmenopausal woman presented with a new microcalcification in the right breast during screening mammography. Microcalcifications were located at 1 o’clock mediocranial in the right breast (Fig. 38.1a, b), and biopsy revealed intraductal carcinoma. However, breast MRI (Fig. 38.2) showed at least two distinct lesions suspicious for invasive cancer in the same area. Thus, the clinical stage was multifocal cT1cN0. In order to improve cosmetic result, we decided to perform an oncoplastic procedure using the Hall Findlay technique described earlier (Fitzal 2007 #1759).


Screening Mammography Intraductal Carcinoma Oncoplastic Surgery Vertical Scar Special Breast Cancer 
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  1. Fitzal FG, Nehrer D, Hoch O, Riedl S, Gutharc M, Deutinger R, Jakesz M, Gnant (2007) An oncoplastic procedure for central and medio-cranial breast cancer. Eur J Surg Oncol 33(10):1158–1163Google Scholar

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  1. 1.Breast Health Center, and Cancer Comprehensive Center Medical University Vienna, Hospital of the Sisters of CharityLinzAustria

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