Inverted-T Technique for Multicentric Breast Cancer

  • Florian Fitzal


The 50-year-old patient with premenopausal hormonal status came into the outpatient breast center ward due to a palpable mass in the right breast (upper outer quadrant) with a diameter of 2.1 cm (cT2) and no clinical suspicious lymph nodes (cN0). Mammography showed microcalcifications within the lower outer quadrant of the right breast demonstrating multicentric disease. The palpable mass was histologically verified as invasive ductal adenocarcinoma G2 luminal B1 (KI6730% and her2 ++ FISH negative). Figure 29.1 shows the palpable mass in the circle and the microcalcification marked with a clip and a wire preoperatively in the mammogram.


Palpable Mass Outer Quadrant Wire Localization Multicentric Disease Vertical Scar 
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