Fatigue and Sleepiness in Parkinson’s Disease Patients

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The main focus of this chapter is fatigue in Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients, with particular emphasis on defining and measuring fatigue, describing the epidemiology of fatigue and associated factors, including a brief discussion of the interface between fatigue and sleepiness. Fatigue is a common non-motor symptom in PD patients, but is also a common complaint in the general population. To facilitate research of fatigue in PD it is important to clearly define the concept of fatigue and to use fatigue scales with good psychometric properties. Additionally, it is important to disentangle the effects of fatigue from the effects of other comorbid symptoms in the PD patients, such as depression and sleep problems. Fatigue and sleepiness are two distinct entities; thus, it is important to separate excessive daytime sleepiness from fatigue. Because of scant knowledge on pathophysiology and treatment, these sections are discussed briefly.


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