PERDURABLE: A Real Time Commit Protocol

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  • B. Vidyareddi
  • Anupam Shukla


Real Time Systems (RTS) are those systems, for which, correctness depends not only on the logical properties of the produced results but also on the temporal properties of these results [27]. Typically, RTS are associated with critical applications in which human lives or expensive machineries may be at stake. Examples include telecommunication systems, trading systems, online gaming, chemical plant control, multi point fuel injection system (MPFI), video conferencing, missile guidance system, sensor networks etc. Hence, in such systems, an action performed too late (or too early) or a computation which uses temporally invalid data may be useless and sometimes harmful even if such an action or computation is functionally correct. As RTS continue to evolve, their applications become more and more complex, and often require timely access and predictable processing of massive amounts of data [21]. The database systems especially designed for efficient processing of these types of real time data are referred as distributed real time database system (DRTDBS). Here, data must be extremely reliable and available as any unavailability or extra delay could result in heavy loss. Business transactions being used in these applications in the absence of real time could lead to financial devastations and in worst case cause injuries or deaths [20].


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