Laser Nanopatterning

  • Robert FedosejevsEmail author
  • Ying Tsui
  • Zhijiang Chen
  • Shyama Banerjee


Over the past decade, a variety of techniques have been developed to allow flexible writing of nanopatterns and structures using visible, infrared and ultraviolet laser radiation on a size scale well below the wavelength of light employed. These include the use of subwavelength near field optical elements, nonlinear interactions such as two photon absorption, nonlinear response of the medium via contrast enhancement agents and coupling to plasmon modes which have shorter wavelengths than the incident radiation. These can be used for writing of surface features, internal features or complete 3D structures via photopolymerization. Also, nanoablation can be employed both for precision nanomilling of surfaces and direct production of nanoparticles. Laser induced forward transfer of micro- and nano-dots of material is under development for the direct deposition of materials onto surfaces with feature sizes down to 100 nm. Finally, a whole new generation of VUV, XUV and x-ray lasers is emerging, promising even smaller feature sizes in the near future.


Donor Substrate Free Electron Laser Ablation Threshold Acceptor Substrate Microlens Array 
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