On the solution of the laminar boundary layer equations

  • Itiro Tani


In the first part of paper, the momentum equation of the incompressible laminar boundary layer is solved for the velocity distribution outside the boundary layer of the form U = U 0 — bxn. It is found from results of solution that the frequently used parameter λ = (θ2/v) (d U/d x) cannot exactly fix the velocity profile, its value at separation becoming less negative as d2 U/x2 becomes more positive. In the second part, a simple approximate method of solution is developed, in which the velocity profile is expressed as a member of a family of curves, with the parameter α different from λ. It is found that results of sufficient accuracy can be obtained by calculating λ from a quadrature formula and determining the relation between λ and α from the momentum and energy integrals of the boundary layer. The method of solution can easily be extended to the boundary layer of a compressible fluid.


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  • Itiro Tani
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  1. 1.Institute of Science and TechnologyUniversity of TokyoJapan

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