A multidimensional Jordan residue lemma with an application to Mellin-Barnes integrals

  • Mikael Passare
  • August Tsikh
  • Oleg Zhdanov
Part of the Aspects of Mathematics book series (ASMA, volume E 26)


The classical Jordan lemma states that if a function ψ is continuous on the real axis with a holomorphic continuation to the upper half plane Π+ = { z = x + iy;y > 0} except for a finite number of points {a} ⊂ Π+, and if ψ(z) tends to zero as |z| → ∞ in the closed half plane Π+, then
$$ \int_{ - \infty }^\infty {\psi (x){e^{iax}}dx = 2\pi i\sum\limits_{\left\{ a \right\}} {re{s_a}\;\omega ,} } $$
where α is an arbitrary positive number and ω denotes the differential form ψ(z)e iaz dz.


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  • Mikael Passare
  • August Tsikh
  • Oleg Zhdanov

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