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In the chapters 8 and 9, we explained the declaration and the call of procedures. It is common to all procedures to be called by their names, perhaps by using actual parameters. As soon as the subprogram is Called, the execution of the calling program section is interrupted, and the procedure (perhaps with the actual parameter values) is run through completely. After finishing the subprogram, you branch back to the calling program section, so that the next statements can be executed.


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  1. *).
    Without the jump back to the label M the execution of the statements would run into the end of the incarnation, and so put an end to it without the chance of its being reactivated.Google Scholar
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    For more details concerning the procedures and their calls see, appendix E, page 226.Google Scholar
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    See M. Abramowitz and I.A. Steoun, Handbook of Mathematical Functions, Dover Publications, New York, 1965, p. 949 ff.Google Scholar

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