Flow Calculations Using the Non-Conservative Potential Equation

  • T. J. Baker
  • M. P. Carr
Part of the Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics book series (NONUFM, volume 3)


The success of any numerical method for solving a fluid flow problem depends on the construction of a suitable coordinate mesh and the use of a stable, convergent algorithm for solving the discretised set of equations. In a similar manner, the question of numerical accuracy falls into two essentially separate areas. For inviscid flows, it is accepted that the Euler equations provide a complete description of the flowfield and that the adoption of an approximate model such as the full potential equation must necessarily introduce certain inaccuracies. The comparisons presented at this Workshop should provide some insight into the relative accuracy of the various approximate mathematical models used to describe transonic flows.


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  • T. J. Baker
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  • M. P. Carr
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  1. 1.Aircraft Research Association LimitedBedfordEngland

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