P. Hibeh 2.186

  • Jeffrey S. Rusten
Part of the Papyrologica Coloniensia book series (ARAW, volume 10)


Of the five columns preserved on these two fragments (recto, Plate I) only column four yields a continuous text, which E. G. Turner in the editio princeps 1 interpreted correctly as an exploit of the Argonauts in Colchis. Of special interest is the occurrence of Heracles’ name (col. 4, line 3) in this connection, indicating that in the version of the story preserved here, as in Scytobrachion’s Argonauts,2 Heracles was present in Colchis. While noting this similarity, Turner noted as well the generally accepted second century dating of Dionysius’ work, and refrained from suggesting a connection between it and the papyrus.3


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