Mistakes, a Problem in the Sociology of Work

  • Everett Cherrington Hughes


We are yet far from that ideal state in which each of the social sciences determines its field of study on purely theoretical grounds, instead of upon traditional grounds and by convention or prerogative. When we do arrive, occupations and work will be as much studied by the sociologist as by the economist (who approaches the matter as a factor in the price processes) and the psychologist, who has studied the native and learned abilities which presumably determine what work a person may successfully do. The reason this will be so is that every kind of work takes place in a social matrix and involves social interaction.


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    I assume that German readers will be familiar with Weber’s various essays and monographs in this field: Politik als Beruf, Wissenschaft als Beruf, Zur Psychophysik der industriellen Arbeit, and others; the whole Betriebssoziologie development, and many other works.Google Scholar
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    For discussion of other problems and concepts see my article, “Work and the Self”, in Sherif, M. and Rohrer, John, Social Psychology at the Crossroads, 1951. I will be glad to send a bibliography of studies made at the University of Chicago in this field to anyone who asks. A catalogue of American work in industrial sociology may be found in Form, W., and Miller, D., Industrial Sociology, 1951.Google Scholar

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