Image Processing

  • Nina Golyandina
  • Anton Korobeynikov
  • Anatoly Zhigljavsky
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Chapter 5 is devoted to extensions of SSA methods developed in previous chapters for the analysis of objects of dimension 2 and larger. The 2D case corresponds to the digital image processing. The objects with larger dimensions are also widely used. For example, a color image can be considered as a system of 2D images and its analysis can be performed by multivariate 2D-SSA, which is an extension of MSSA designed for analyzing a system of series. The third temporal dimension naturally arises if images are changing in time. The Rssa package implements the so-called nD-SSA for analysis of objects of arbitrary dimensions, in rectangular and shaped versions. Several examples of this chapter demonstrate that Rssa can be efficiently applied to very complex problems of image processing.


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