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In many regenerative models, differentiated cells and adults structures could dedifferentiate into a relatively undifferentiated state or precursor cells. Dedifferentiation, as the initial step of this process, has attracted generations of scientists. The phenomenon of dedifferentiation was usually observed in lower vertebrates, for example the blastema in amphibian limb regeneration. Nowadays, cell dedifferentiation could also be induced or manipulated in mammals. Pro. Xiaobing Fu, the chief editor and author of this book, and his colleagues reported that the differentiated epidermal cells dedifferentiated into stem cells-like cells in patients’ wound treated with recombinant human epidermal growth factor in the Journal of Lancet in 2001. Since then, his group have explored and investigated numerous areas on the process of dedifferentiation and achieved plenty of research outcomes. The topics of these researches from his group covered epidermal cell dedifferentiation, iPSCs, skin regeneration, skin stem cells, reprogramming, and cell plasticity. Hereinafter the abstracts of twelve articles and reviews from this research group are presented in this chapter.


Dedifferentiation Regeneration Stem cells 

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