Paediatric and Adolescent Breast Disorders

  • Clare M. Rees
  • Kokila LakhooEmail author
  • P. G. Roy


Breast disorders are uncommon in children, but may present with a mass, nipple discharge, pain, or infection. Paediatric surgeons must be familiar with normal breast development and possible pathology so that patients can be reassured when appropriate and investigated when necessary. Clinical examination is essential, whilst ultrasound may be required to determine the nature of a mass or localise an abscess. Occasionally biopsy or excision is required. Although very rare adult breast tumours can still present during childhood.


Breast disorders in children Paediatric breast disorders Adolescent breast disorders Premature thelarche Polythelia (accessory nipple) Polymastia Amastia Gynaecomastia Intraductal papilloma Nipple adenoma 


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