Products and Constructions with Recycled Aggregate Concrete

  • Jianzhuang XiaoEmail author
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In this chapter, the premix recycled concrete and recycled aggregate mortar are introduced from the viewpoint of strength, slump, pumping performance and other technical points firstly. Then the precast products of recycled aggregate concrete (RAC), such as the brick, block, hollow block masonry and panel are introduced, and all of these products are investigated for application in real engineering project. The performance of mentioned RAC products and construction method has been evaluated through some case studies including pavements—Fudan Road, cast-in-situ frame, precast RAC frame, RAC masonry structure, steel frame filled with recycled aggregate bricks and RAC frame-shear wall in high-rise building. The results indicated that the RAC is feasible to be used in engineering. Finally, the construction of RAC is analyzed from the aspects of economic benefits, environmental benefits, and management strategies. The quality control of RAC products and scientific management of construction of RAC will ensure the application of RAC on a wider scale.


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