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As an important foundation for human society, the history of using energy can reflect back the history of human development. How to high efficient using energy is directly related to the sustainable development of human society. With the growing global population and improving of life expectancy, energy issue has become the most urgent problem we are facing nowadays. In the next decades, exploring of new solutions to meet the growing energy demand will be one of the greatest challenges for all human beings. Besides the considerable damage to environment of the traditional nonrenewable energy, the reserves of it are declining with the exploitation. In retrospect, the solar energy is always the most basic resource for human survival and development, as a clean energy which can be used permanently, also has great development potential. From the development of technology, the development and utilization technology of solar energy will likely decide the future of human life. Up to date, the research of using solar energy is focused on solar cells, water photocatalysis and photo-oxidation decomposition of organic matter, etc. By the knowledge obtained nowadays, synergistic effect always gets a good performance in nanomaterials. Hence, how to complex functional molecules with other ingredients, and then preparative high performance nanocomposites is gradually become a hot research area. And this kind of composite materials in energy and environment field will lead humanity toward the green and better future.


Solar Cell Carbon Nanotubes Graphene Oxide Photogenerated Electron Silicon Solar Cell 
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