Magneto-Optical (MO) Characterization Tools for Chemically Prepared Magnetic Nanomaterials

  • Francesco PineiderEmail author
  • Claudio Sangregorio


Magneto-optical (MO) techniques are sensitive and versatile tools for the study of magnetic nanomaterials. Interaction of polarized light with a magnetized medium brings information on the magnetic properties of the sample, thus making MO techniques a valid alternative to standard magnetometric techniques. On the other hand, spectroscopic degrees of freedom arising from the tuneability of the incoming photon energy give access to an additional set of information, inaccessible to other investigation methods.


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The financial support from the European Research Council through the Advanced Grant “MolNanoMas” (267746) and from the Italian MIUR through FIRB project “NanoPlasMag” (RBFR10OAI0) is acknowledged.


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