Rotational Anisotropy Nonlinear Harmonic Generation

  • Darius H. TorchinskyEmail author
  • David Hsieh


Rotational anisotropy nonlinear harmonic generation (RA-NHG) is an all-optical technique by which crystallographic, magnetic, and electronic symmetries of crystalline materials’ bulk surface and interfaces may be examined. It also allows characterization of nanostructures and biological tissue as well as imaging applications. In this chapter, we describe the principles behind RA-NHG, discuss current experimental approaches, and review key experimental findings since 2009.


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We acknowledge funding provided by the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, an NSF Physics Frontiers Center with support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation through Grant GBMF1250, by ARO Grant #W911NF-13-1-0059, and by ARO DURIP Award #W911NF-13-1-0293.


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