Flows with Interfaces

  • Günter BrennEmail author
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We now look at linear flows with interfaces. These flows and their instability are elementary to the formation of the disperse phase in many gas–liquid two-phase flows, such as sprays and bubbly flows. We are interested in the instability of liquid sheets and jets submerged in another, immiscible fluid. For transport processes across the interface, oscillations of drops and bubbles may have a significant influence. We also look at the behaviour of drops upon impact on a solid substrate. The fluid system is a linear viscoelastic liquid in an outer immiscible host fluid. The correspondence principle allows for the derivation of the equations as for a Newtonian liquid, but with a frequency-dependent viscosity. The ambient medium is a gas for the liquid sheet flow, since the flow of a liquid sheet in an ambient liquid medium does not seem to be of much technical relevance. In the liquid jet and drop cases, we treat the ambient fluid such that it may be either a liquid or a gas.


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