Corrinoid Metabolism in Dehalogenating Pure Cultures and Microbial Communities

  • Theodore C. Moore
  • Jorge C. Escalante-SemerenaEmail author


Corrinoid cofactors are critical components of the electron transport chain for many organohalide-respiring bacteria (OHRB). This chapter examines the synthesis and metabolism of corrinoids, with a focus on studies in bacteria that express reductive dehalogenases (RDases). We discuss the physical characteristics of corrinoids that make them distinct from one another, and provide examples of the various corrinoids isolated from OHRB. We provide a brief review of the synthesis, salvaging, and transport of corrinoids as it is currently understood in nondehalogenating model organisms. Wherever applicable, we draw parallels to the pathways present in OHRB. We present some recent examples of work studying the metabolism of corrinoids in mixed cultures of OHRB, and discuss how these bacteria may share and modify corrinoids at a community-based level.


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This work was supported by USPHS grant R37 GM040313 from the National Institutes of General Medical Sciences to J.C.E.-S.


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