Face Your Competitors

  • Edda Weimann
  • Peter Weimann



  • Why is benchmarking necessary?

  • Why is it so difficult for hospitals to do the right things right?

  • Which methods can improve processes?

  • How can you ensure continuous improvement in your processes?

  • How can Kaizen, CIP, Six Sigma, the PDCA cycle or the DMAIC cycle help you?

In this chapter we focus on process improvement. We highlight business engineering and re-engineering, and how and when they can be applied. To be successful and implement sustainable solutions you need to be familiar with Kaizen, the continuous improvement process, Six Sigma and the avoidance of Muda (waste).


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  2. 2.Groote Schuur Hospital Academic HospitalUniversity of Cape TownCape TownSouth Africa
  3. 3.Beuth UniversityBerlinGermany

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