Style 1.1+: Inhibited, Unfulfilled (To Wait and Hope)

  • Anatoly Zankovsky
  • Christiane von der Heiden


Low concern for production; low concern for people; high, but often hidden and unrealized commitment to the organization; not indifferent, but passive attitude to work. The desire to contribute and show initiative usually occurs only in dreams and fantasies. The internal slogan is: “If circumstances were different, if they understood me, I could move mountains.” Interest in work is often manifested in efforts to approach actual problems and tasks of the team, without attracting anyone. However, these plans often remain unknown to others in the desktop. In real activity he avoids articulating his position and point of view, does not ask questions, and shows minimal initiative. Decisions are postponed until someone else makes a decision or the problem resolves by itself. Being a leader, he shies away from the leadership group, letting things take their course. This mismatch between internal desires and real activity can be explained by a negative experience under the guidance of a 7.1− style, rigid job structuring in which the boundaries of effort are strictly formalized, and minimal dialogue, as well as personal characteristics. Colleagues often treat him with compassion, seeing the duality of the 1.1+ style’s aspirations. With the support of the management and the team, the 1.1+ style is capable of much more and is able to realize his potential, and make a significant contribution to the achievement of organizational results.


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  • Christiane von der Heiden
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