Style 1.1−: Indifferent (To Avoid and to Evade)

  • Anatoly Zankovsky
  • Christiane von der Heiden


Low concern for production, low concern for people, indifferent attitude towards work and organization. Strong conviction that people’s lives cannot have any higher meaning and that life cannot and must not be changed for the better. The desire to dissociate oneself from the whole, hide, avoid everything, to be imperceptible. The slogan is: “I wish no one bothered me!” The 1.1− style avoids articulating his position and point of view, trying not to ask questions; errors are hushed up and concealed. Decisions are postponed until someone else makes them or the problem resolves by itself. Almost no interest in work and other people. Being a leader, evades responsibility, letting things take their course. No desire to show up, evading all problems, always ready to be fired. Avoids meetings and discussions, as well as conflicts with other team members. Other staff members feel that the 1.1− style does not need anything in work, nor in life. The main motivation is to avoid any form of involvement. Actual interests lie beyond organizational life. Always distances himself from responsibility for the results, tries to avoid personal problems. When under pressure, he takes a passive or supportive standpoint.


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  • Anatoly Zankovsky
    • 1
  • Christiane von der Heiden
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  1. 1.Psychologisches InstitutMoskauRussia
  2. 2.Synercube GmbHLeverkusenGermany

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