Acoustical Wind Tunnel Studies of Landing Gear Noise

  • Jian WangEmail author
  • Wenjiang Wang
  • Kangle Xu
Conference paper
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Landing gear noise can be significant at aircraft approach. It is difficult to quantify the landing gear noise during a flight test. The motivation of this work is to develop a feasible method with acoustic wind tunnel test to predict the in-flight landing gear noise. The prediction is based on an empirical model (Guo 2006) calibrated by wind tunnel test. The wind tunnel test was conducted on a 1:7.6 scale model of an airframe. The calibration of the empirical model and the wind tunnel test focuses on the installation effects that include interaction with flap and the local flow velocity in the existing empirical model. The installation effect on the far-field directivity factor is investigated by the experimental studies. The mean flow patterns of the wing with deployed slat and flap at approach configuration are calculated by CFD solver ANSYS. After validation of the empirical model, the result of the scale model is transposed to the full scale landing gear noise in the flight condition.


Acoustic wind tunnel tests Landing noise and prediction Acoustic directivity Installation effects 


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