Scalar Conservation Laws

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In this chapter we consider the Cauchy problem for a scalar conservation law. Our goal is to show that subject to certain conditions, there exists a unique solution to the general initial value problem. Our method will be completely constructive, and we shall exhibit a procedure by which this solution can be constructed. This procedure is, of course, front tracking. The basic ingredient in the front-tracking algorithm is the solution of the Riemann problem.

Already in the example on traffic flow, we observed that conservation laws may have several weak solutions, and that some principle is needed to pick out the correct ones. The problem of lack of uniqueness for weak solutions is intrinsic in the theory of conservation laws. There are by now several different approaches to this problem, and they are commonly referred to as ‘‘entropy conditions.’’

Thus the solution of Riemann problems requires some mechanism to choose one of possibly several weak solutions. Therefore, before we turn to front tracking, we will discuss entropy conditions.


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