The Soft X-ray Free-Electron Laser FERMI@Elettra

  • Marco ZangrandoEmail author
  • Nicola Mahne
  • Lorenzo Raimondi
  • Cristian Svetina
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FERMI, the Italian free electron laser (FEL) user facility, delivers high-intensity ultra-short photon pulses in the 100–4 nm range. A diagnostic section called PADReS (Photon Analysis, Delivery, and Reduction System) follows the two undulator chains, giving informations about the photon beam intensity, transverse distribution and coherence, pointing, and energy spectrum. All these quantities are available during the experiments as they are obtained in a non-invasive way on a shot-to-shot basis. The radiation intensity can also be controlled by means of a gas absorber. Moreover, it is possible to split and delay part of the beam to perform auto-correlation measurements determining the pulse length and temporal coherence, as well as to perform pump-probe experiments. Finally, active optics-based systems refocus the photon beam into the endstations.


Photon Beam Free Electron Laser Transverse Distribution Seed Laser Beam Position Monitor 
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  • Nicola Mahne
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  • Lorenzo Raimondi
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  • Cristian Svetina
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  1. 1.IOM—CNR and Elettra Sincrotrone TriesteTriesteItaly
  2. 2.Elettra Sincrotrone TriesteTriesteItaly
  3. 3.University of Trieste, Graduate School of NanotechnologyTriesteItaly

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