Chemical Characteristics of Coal

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The physical properties of coal are closely linked to the chemical constituents and make up. These features are both strongly influenced by the geochemical history of the coal, and are important factors for determining how coal behaves under different types of reaction conditions. This chapter focuses on the study of coal from the perspective of understanding the chemical components that make up coal. The carbon-based materials and other elements that constitute various coal types are described. The operation of physical and chemical techniques used to determine chemical structure are also introduced, including infrared and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopies, and elemental analysis and solvent extraction methods. The analysis of the results of methods and their interpretation with respect to the coal composition are discussed. This background is supplemented with real examples of the application of these methods to characterize various coal types. This chapter is intended to give the reader an overview of the origins of the compositional and chemical analysis techniques presented in later chapters.


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