The Solar Neighbourhood

  • I. Neill ReidEmail author
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The stars currently lying in the immediate vicinity of the Sun are the products of numerous star-forming events spread over a wide-range of Galactic radii and environments within the disc of the Milky Way. As such, these local stars provide a means of assessing global properties, notably the binary fraction, the luminosity function and the initial mass function (IMF), the number of stars forming as a function of mass within a molecular cloud. The IMF is a crucial parameter in understanding galaxy evolution since the relative number of high- and low-mass stars determines what fraction of material is reprocessed and returned to the interstellar medium to enrich new stellar generations, and what fraction is effectively locked up forever in long-lived dwarfs. As discussed in this chapter, most evidence is consistent with the IMF having a universal form, although there are intriguing indications for variations in some extreme environments. These analyses rest on statistical techniques that are susceptible to systematic bias; the appendix to this chapter describes how to estimate the extent of some of those effects, notably Malmquist bias and Lutz-Kelker corrections.


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