From Retrospection to Cultural Self-Awareness and Exchange

  • Xiaotong Fei
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These last few years, I have set myself the task of reviewing my published scholarly work, to examine how and why I came by my ideas, to consider how they hold up in the present, and whether they need amending or even revising. This can be called my attempt at personal “cultural self-awareness.” Academic retrospection applies to the individual, and cultural self-awareness is its extension, by which an individual goes from personal to his/her culture and from his/her scholarly growth to a whole evolving discipline. Through academic retrospection, a person seeks to understand his/her own thinking, while cultural self-awareness is an attempt to understand the culture that nurtured him. The goal is to open up cultural dialogue and exchange, so the starting point must be the individual scholar’s own academic retrospection. I believe the one automatically leads to the other.

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