Study on Judgment Method of Signal Correlation Performance Based on Complex Correlation Vector

  • Ying WangEmail author
  • Zhe Su
  • Yansong Meng
  • Xiaoxia Tao
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For a long time, the satellite navigation signals are performed in a relatively simple BPSK or QPSK modulation of pseudo code and data for loading data information and time information. However, since the USA GPS modernization, the European Galileo satellite navigation system begins to demonstrate, new ideas and new methods for design and receiving signal appear continuously. With the use of AltBOC baseband signal form, we urgent need more complete presentation of a signal related performance. In this paper, the processing of traditional signal and the complex baseband signal was analysed. And the method of complex correlation vector diagram was studied for judgment signal correlation performance. The correlation vector analysis method is given in the process of receiving the actual signal. The method and result provides performance analysis guide for receiving the navigation signals by jointing I and Q branch and receiving full bandwidth AltBOC signal.


Correlation Satellite navigation Navigation signal 


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