Impact Analysis of Differential Code Biases of GPS Satellites on the Kinematic Precise Point Positioning

  • Shoujian ZhangEmail author
  • Lei Zhao
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When the IGS precise orbits and clocks are used to carry on kinematic PPP, it is necessary to make DCB correction according to different types of GPS receivers. Currently, it is well known that DCB has little influence on static PPP, but there is still much work to do about the influence of DCB on kinematic PPP. This paper has a thorough evaluation on that and compares the kinematic results with the P1P2 type receiver by processing observation data from 20 IGS tracking stations. The results show that the accuracy of kinematic PPP of the NONCC receiver reporting C1 and P2 types has improved after DCB correction, but is still lower than that of the NONCC receiver reporting P1 and P2 types, especially in the zenith direction and the difference can reach more than 2 cm. The results indicate that there is a need to improve the accuracy of DCB published by IGS analysis center.


GPS Kinematic PPP DCB 


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