Research on GEO Satellite Global Monitoring and Control Based on BeiDou Navigation Satellite System

  • Yue ZhaoEmail author
  • Xianqing Yi
  • Zhenwei Hou
  • Tao Zhong
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 340)


GEO satellite global monitoring and control refers to the real-time monitoring and control communication for the target satellite in the geostationary orbit through the TT&C system. Due to the presence of invisible arc between the domestic ground station and certain GEO satellite, it’s need the help of space-based monitoring and control system or other system with space communication capability to relay forwarding, in order to achieve the real-time communication between the target satellite and the domestic control center. Through the analysis of GEO satellite global mission supporting of current space-based monitoring and control system, it is found that BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) can be applied to achieve the real-time monitoring and control mission for the domestic control center and overseas GEO satellites. In this paper, the GEO satellite monitoring problem and mission requirements are systematically analyzed combined with the national TT&C network developing status and future plans. According to its composition and mission support capabilities, GEO satellite global monitoring and control communication process is described in support of BDS. Then, the feasible schemes are designed from the geostationary, inclined and medium constellation of BDS. Finally, the recommendation and conclusion of GEO satellite global mission planning based on BDS are given.


Beidou navigation satellite system GEO satellite Monitoring and communication Application scheme 


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