Radiologic Imaging of Chest Injuries

  • Anouk Marinke Barendregt
  • Mario Maas


Chest pain is seldom a complaint of athletes. However sports injuries to the chest can be painful and life-threatening. Therefore it is important to choose the most reliable imaging modality to support the clinical diagnosis in the athlete with chest pain. In this chapter the role of radiology in various sports-related chest injuries is described, from the rarely described (but commonly diagnosed) costochondritis and sternal fractures to the more common rib fractures. The chest injury itself will be addressed first and then followed by the appropriate imaging modality and radiologic findings and characteristics. Traumatic as well as overuse injuries to the chest will be discussed. Emphasis will also be placed on ruling out any life-threatening complications by selecting the right imaging modality.


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As low as reasonably achievable


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Short-tau inversion recovery


Turbo spin echo




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