Design and Implementation of the Vehicular Network Testbed Using Wireless Sensors

  • Jovan RadakEmail author
  • Bertrand Ducourthial
  • Véronique Cherfaoui
  • Stéphane Bonnet
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8629)


Testbeds are indispensable tools in research and development process in wireless networks technologies. They show us how our solution is going to work in a real environment. In the recent years there is a growing trend in the development of testbeds aimed to be used as tools for both research and verification of the results obtained theoretically and using simulators. We are presenting an experimental vehicular network testbed based on cheap, off-the-shelf wireless sensors that are gathering environmental data, temperature, humidity and luminosity. These sensors are connected to road-side units (RSUs) running the Linux operating system and dedicated software distribution, Airplug. This complete system (wireless sensors, RSUs and Airplug software distribution) can be used for simulation, emulation and experiments in vehicular networks but also for any other type of wireless network. We use this system to gather environmental data and then reuse collected data in different emulation and experimental scenarios. We are showing the usefulness of our wireless sensors testbed and possible scenarios of its usage in emulation and real experiments.


Wireless sensors Roadside units Testbed Emulation Experiments Airplug Airbox 



This work was carried out and funded in the framework of the Labex MS2T. It was supported by the French Government, through the program “Investments for the future?” managed by the National Agency for Research (Reference ANR-11-IDEX-0004-02).


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  • Bertrand Ducourthial
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  • Véronique Cherfaoui
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  • Stéphane Bonnet
    • 1
  1. 1.UMR CNRS 7253 HeudiasycUniversité de Technologie de CompiègneCompiègne CedexFrance

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