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Looking back, the search for a culturally sensitive and effective way to enhance the spiritual well-Being of Chinese older adults has been both a challenging and joyful journey. This chapter sets out our conclusions about a series of research activities we have experienced since 2009. We have contributed to an extension of the spirituality literature with both theoretical and practical models. Theoretically, we developed a Chinese conceptualization of spiritual well-Being for Chinese elders, a reliable and valid assessment tool—Spirituality Scale for Chinese Elders (SSCE) and a Spiritual Process Model (SPM). Practically, we advocate a three-tier strategy for spiritual well-Being intervention. An evidence-based standardized protocol of Spirituality Enhancement Group for Chinese Elders (SEGCE) was developed, together with its self-help applications. A two-level certificate course has also been developed so as to enhance professional competence.


Spiritual Well-being Joyful Journey Self-help Applications Frontline Social Workers Group Process Theory 
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