Redox Polymers and Metallopolymers

  • Renato Seeber
  • Fabio Terzi
  • Chiara Zanardi
Part of the Monographs in Electrochemistry book series (MOEC)


Redox polymers (RPs) constitute a class of electrically conductive macromolecules covalently bound to a number of organic or inorganic redox centers typically equal to one another. Nitro-substituted styrene, quinone, viologen, and dopamine residues exhibit reversible redox behavior and should be considered pioneering organic redox centers in the frame of RPs. On the other hand, the redox centers of RPs more often consist of metal ions surrounded by different sets of co-ordinating ligands, thus opening, in principle, to a huge variety of different derivatives: various complexes of Ir, Co, Re, Ru, and Os have been proposed. Significant examples of RPs used in electroanalytical applications are sketched in Fig. 3.1.


Metal Center Prussian Blue Schiff Base Ligand Redox Mediation Redox Center 
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