Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells

  • Ludwig Jörissen
  • Jürgen GarcheEmail author


Polymer Electrolyte membrane Fuel Cells (PEFC) are used to power uninterruptible power supplies, combined heat and power generation systems, vehicles for materials handling as well as electric vehicles, busses and light duty road vehicles. This contribution gives a short introduction into the working principles of PEFC as well as the materials and components used.

Fundamental properties of the materials such as polymer electrolyte membranes, catalysts and gas diffusion layers making up the so called Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) as well as requirements to bipolar plates and sealing concepts necessary for stack integration are discussed.

The influence of platinum loading on overall stack cost will be discussed using a simple cost model based on a recent cost analysis by DoE.

Finally, a differentiation to other fuel cell technologies will be given.


Fuel Cell Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalyst Layer Membrane Electrode Assembly Polymer Electrolyte Membrane 
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