Virtual Testing within the TSI Noise: How to Introduce Numerical Simulation into a Certification Process?

  • E. BonginiEmail author
  • R. Cordero
Part of the Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design book series (NNFM, volume 126)


ACOUTRAIN, a research project within the 7th framework programme co-funded by the European Commission, aims at developing virtual testing processes for TSI Noise certification purposes. Leaded by UNIFE, it started in September 2011 for 3 years of work of 13 partners (rolling stocks manufacturers such as ATSA, Talgo or Bombardier T. and providers such as ABB; railway operators such as DB or SNCF; academic such as ISVR, ECL and TNO and scientific consultant such as VTC, D2S and Cidaut). The project will develop and gather methods (noise source characterization process for example) and tools (numerical software) for proposing a virtual testing as reliable as the real testing used in the present TSI [1], for some test configurations. Even though numerical simulations are largely used at the design and development stage for new vehicles, the use of such tools in a certification process requires a robust, transparent and validated procedure: in ACOUTRAIN, a Verification and Validation approach has allowed this procedure to be defined. It is based on numerical tool certification and validation of a model of rolling stock, called a virtual vehicle. Once the methods and tools well defined, a frame for the use of Virtual Testing shall be given, detailing for which cases VT could be used, partially replacing or supporting real testing.


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