Web and Mobile Visualization for Cultural Heritage

  • Marco Di Benedetto
  • Federico Ponchio
  • Luigi Malomo
  • Marco Callieri
  • Matteo Dellepiane
  • Paolo Cignoni
  • Roberto Scopigno
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Thanks to the impressive research results produced in the last decade, digital technologies are now mature for producing high-quality digital replicas of Cultural Heritage (CH) artifacts. At the same time, CH practitioners and scholars have also access to a number of technologies that allow distributing and presenting those models to everybody and everywhere by means of a number of communication platforms. The goal of this chapter is to present some recent technologies for supporting the visualization of complex models, by focusing on the requirements of interactive manipulation and visualization of 3D models on the web and on mobile platforms. The section will present some recent experiences where high-quality 3D models have been used in CH research, restoration and conservation. Some open issues in this domain will also be presented and discussed.


Web-based graphics digital 3D models mobile platforms interactive visualization and navigation 


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  • Marco Callieri
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  • Paolo Cignoni
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