Mass Transfer by Stellar Wind

  • Henri M. J. BoffinEmail author
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 413)


I review the process of mass transfer in a binary system through a stellar wind, with an emphasis on systems containing a red giant. I show how wind accretion in a binary system is different from the usually assumed Bondi–Hoyle approximation, first as far as the flow’s structure is concerned, but most importantly, also for the mass accretion and specific angular momentum loss. This has important implications on the evolution of the orbital parameters. I also discuss the impact of wind accretion, on the chemical pollution and change in spin of the accreting star. The last section deals with observations and covers systems that most likely went through wind mass transfer: barium and related stars, symbiotic stars and central stars of planetary nebulae (CSPN). The most recent observations of cool CSPN progenitors of barium stars, as well as of carbon-rich post-common envelope systems, are providing unique constraints on the mass transfer processes.


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It is a pleasure to thank my many collaborators over the years for exciting work on this topic: A. Acker, U. Anzer, N. Blind, J.-P. Berger, N. Cerf, R. L. M. Corradi, H. Fujiwara, I. Hachisu, H. Isaka, B. Jahanara, D. Jones, A. Jorissen, J.-B. Le Bouquin, T. Matsuda, B. Miszalski, M. Mitsumoto, T. Nagae, K. Oka, G. Paulus, E. Shima, T. Theuns, A. A. Tyndall, and L. Začs


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