The Blue Straggler Population in Dwarf Galaxies

  • Yazan MomanyEmail author
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 413)


In this chapter I review the recent developments regarding the study of Blue Stragglers (BSS) in dwarf galaxies. The loose density environment of dwarf galaxies resembles that of the Galactic Halo, hence it is natural to compare their common BSS properties. At the same time, it is unescapable to compare with the BSS properties in Galactic globular clusters, which constitute the reference point for BSS studies. Admittedly, the literature on BSS in dwarf galaxies is not plentiful. The limitation is mostly due to the large distance to even the closest dwarf galaxies. Nevertheless, recent studies have allowed a deeper insight on the BSS photometric properties that are worth examining.


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I would like to thank S. Zaggia for valuable comments. H. Boffin and G. Carraro are warmly thanked for organising a wonderful workshop.


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