Continent of Ego-Blogs: Use Case –

  • Christoph Meinel
  • Justus Broß
  • Philipp Berger
  • Patrick Hennig


In the blogosphere, the continent Ego-blog refers to blogs that contain personal posts about the blogger’s daily life. Bloggers share their life experiences and knowledge of an enormous range of subjects. This category represents the archetype of blogs and the example chosen to illustrate the characteristics of this category, (see Fig. 7.1), is a very good example of an Ego-blog from Germany. According to our genre classification in Sect. 2.5.1 this can be categorized as a Travelblog. Thousands of blogs are written about travel related topics and selecting a good one to illustrate what is possible within such a blog is an important and complicated decision. In, the author Sven Hennig shares his knowledge and experiences while traveling the world. We selected this blog because it is a very clearly written and well researched blog focusing on an important topic which almost all of us can relate to.


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