Intra Prediction

  • Mathias Wien
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This chapter reviews the intra coding tools of HEVC. The large set of available prediction modes is presented including a description of the functionality and examples. Furthermore, the coded representation of the applied intra prediction modes is detailed. A set of 35 intra prediction modes is available in HEVC, including a DC, a planar, and 33 angular prediction modes. The modes are available for prediction block sizes from 4\(\;\times \;\) 4 to 32\(\;\times \;\) 32 samples. For luma and chroma blocks, the same prediction modes are applied. Some of the smoothing operations applied for luma intra prediction are omitted for chroma blocks. The prediction reference is constructed from the sample row and column adjacent to the predicted block. In this chapter, the intra coding tools of HEVC are presented and compared to the intra coding tools which have been available in H.264 | AVC.


Prediction Mode Intra Prediction Neighboring Block Corner Sample Syntax Element 
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