Existence of Periodic and Almost Periodic Solutions of Discrete Ricker Delay Models

  • Yoshihiro HamayaEmail author
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The aim of this article is to investigate the sufficient conditions for the existence of periodic and almost periodic solutions of a generalized Ricker delay model,
$$\begin{aligned} N(n+1) = N(n)\exp \{f(n, N(n-r(n))) \}, \end{aligned}$$
when \( f \) are periodic and almost periodic functions in \( n \), respectively, which appears as a model for dynamics with single species in changing periodic and almost periodic environments, by applying the technique of boundedness and stability conditions which derives the fixed point theorems and uniformly asymptotically stable of solutions for above equation, respectively. Moreover, we consider the existence of an almost periodic solution of the case where \( f \) has the Volterra term with an infinite delay.


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