Quantum Oscillation Measurements Applied to Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

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The de Haas-van Alphen effect and related quantum oscillation measurements are powerful tools for studying the behaviour of electron quasiparticles in conducting strongly correlated electron systems. Using them, one can: measure the size and shape of Fermi surfaces; determine quasiparticle effective masses on a Fermi-surface-specific basis; determine mean-free paths on a Fermi-surface-specific basis; and obtain information about quasiparticle g-factors. This chapter first gives an outline of the theory of quantum oscillations, and then reviews experimental methods, focusing on aspects that are of particular relevance to strongly correlated electron systems. The chapter concludes by describing, as a ‘case study’, quantum oscillation measurements on the \(p\)-wave superconductor Sr\(_2\)RuO\(_4\), a material that is of great current interest, and that illustrates many aspects of quantum oscillation measurements that are applicable across a broad range of strongly correlated electron systems.


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