Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as a Probe of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

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Beginning with the pioneering NMR experiments of Hebel and Slichter in superconducting Aluminum, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) has played a central role in the study of strongly correlated electron matter. The relatively small energies associated with the nuclear spin degrees of freedom guarantee that the experimental probes of the nuclear spin behavior have little or no effect on the electronic degrees of freedom. On the other hand, the hyperfine coupling between the electronic and nuclear spins enables one to probe the static and dynamic properties of the electron spins through their effect on the nuclei. NMR offers detailed microscopic information about homogeneity, dynamics, and novel phases of electron matter and can probe under extreme conditions of high magnetic field, ultra low temperature, and high pressures. This chapter discusses the basics of NMR in condensed matter solids, including basic measurements such as the Knight shift, the hyperfine field, and the relaxation rates. To illustrate these concepts we discuss the case of field-induced antiferromagnetism and the exotic superconducting phase in CeCoIn\(_5\).


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