John Searle

Biological Naturalism
  • Andrea Eugenio Cavanna
  • Andrea Nani


American philosopher John Searle (born on 31 July 1932 in Denver, Colorado) has made outstanding contributions to different fields of philosophy, including philosophy of language, social theory, and philosophy of mind. He studied as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and became a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, from which he obtained a doctorate in philosophy. His first major contribution was in the field of philosophy of language, where he developed into a comprehensive theory the insightful idea of Oxford philosopher John Austin that linguistic utterances can be seen as speech acts, that is, things that we do with words. Subsequently, his interest for the semantic analysis of language led him to the study of the concept of “intentionality” (the property of mind to be about or directed to things and states of affairs in the world in order to represent them) and this, in turn, to the nature of mind and consciousness (see Chap.  3 for a thorough discussion of intentionality).


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