Research on Safety of China’s Film Industry

  • Junhui Zhang
Conference paper


The twenty-first century is the era of knowledge economy, under the background of the Chinese film industry after more than 100 years of development, film industry has become the hot spot in the field of the combination of economy and culture. Based on the 100 years of development, the film industry usher in a new higher level of challenge at the same time, due to the economic development of the improvement of people’s living standard and the demand for spiritual culture rose to their highest level in history, so the film industry challenges with greater opportunities at the same time. Challenge is often and opportunities coexist, the film industry in the information age to the new industry pattern, just like any other industry all has bred the industrial safety this problem, for the healthy and sustainable development of the industry and the film industry bigger and stronger, we must face it and treat it correctly.


Film industry Industrial security Brand building 


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